PU Integral Skin Foam moulded Products

  • Steering Wheel Assembly
  • Grab Handles
  • Door Armrests
  • Gear Shift Knobs
  • Bumper Guards
  • O. T. Table Foam Beds
  • Railway Ladder
  • Railway Berth Headrest and Suspension Straps
  • Helmet mouth and side EPS foam parts
  • Rollers for Gym Equipments
  • Impact Protector LH/RH and Face Pads (Defence)
  • Stool Backrest Assembly

PU Integral Skin Foam moulded Products

  • Headrest Assembly
  • Passenger and Driver Seating Assembly for Three Wheelers
  • Moulded foam cushion for Seats, Backrest, Sleeper Coach Beds for Automobiles
  • Moulded foam cushion for Chairs and other Furnitures

PU Special NVH Application Foam Moulded Products

  • Engine Cover Foam for high end Passenger Cars Noise and Vibration reduction
  • Noise and vibration reduction of White Goods Products